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Technology Investment Group (TIG) assists companies, national and international with accelerating and improving the quality of investment decisions.TIG has been specialized in the translation of investment information, from specialists to executive Board and vice-versa and covers all stages of business development from idea to profitable product.

TIG core competence
The service of TIG is a specialized interaction with a team of Executive Boards, technically managers and specialists. By executing scenario analyses this team develops valuable investment information, which hereafter will be implemented with the help of TIG. The core competences of TIG are:

1. Identifying market possibilities, tracing value propositions and the translation of market possibilities and value propositions to functional and technical specifications.
2. Composing consortia which are able to convert value propositions to profitable products and services structurally.
3. Synchronization of communication round investment decisions in companies and consortia by using a specialized method for idea shaping, stakeholders scenario analysis, business case definition and developing business plans.

Investment decisions in strategic value chains
TIG has developed its expertise in a structured method which has been deposited as the Technology Investment method TIM®.
The investment decision during developing innovations is related to specific market possibilities which the cooperating parties identify, and their wish to translate those market possibilities rapidly to a profitable product. Strategic value chains which are composed by means of the method TIM® distinguish themselves by a value chain of specialized companies with a large innovation capacity.

A large innovation capacity means the capacity of the value chain to react rapidly to the demand of a global group customers by means of developing innovative products which satisfies subjected demands. Acceleration of the investment decision in strategic industrial chains asks for new manners of cooperation between well considered chosen industrial partners and institutions. Subjected new manners of cooperation is the field of expertise of TIG..

Reference projects
Regarding the most projects, which have been carried out by TIG. in the near past, TIG has formed consortia who are based on valuable ideas. We here for refer to the peace, justice and security innovation projects `MultiPaV Beware' and `CSI The Hague'. In the previous year an international Innovation award has been granted to the innovation project 'MultiPaV Beware' and the 'CSI The Hague project' is being of international interest like for example at Home Land Security, the highest security body of the USA.

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