Internationalization with the help of the Technology Investment Group


Companies who are operating international, will have to face with a number of issues, such as the definition of a internationalization strategy, the search for reliable business partners abroad, the due diligence and the finance possibilities.

Internationalization plan
A internationalization plan is a plan, which is designed by the Technology Investment Group in cooperation with the part who wants to start up international business. The plan is addressed to the processing of a foreign market from the Netherlands.

The internationalization plan is an inventory of the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company in the field of international affairs.

The plan gives directly the abroad activities and describes which activities will be carried out to achieve the objectives.

TIG- Content of the internalization project plan

1. Competence analyses about required knowledge in the field of international business

2. Description of the method how to develop the international market

3. Identification of international countries who are in scoop of the company

4. Investigation of required international patents or models

5. Market feasibility study:
" Market: market indicators most important proposers and the market partitioning in terms of quality and price
" Overview of possible national governmental programs,
" Development plans or stimulation regulations o
" Access to the market: possible laws and legislation
" Market approach: overview of domain characteristics concerning market entry,
" Market characteristics,
" Addresses of government organizations which are important in the business domain

6. Partner search on behalf of cooperation and distribution

7. Marketing: developing and producing presentation materials

8. Partner selection

9. Technology Investment meetings

10. Coaching selected partners

11. Project lead times

12. Project budget